Resident FAQ

The GilderWHAT?

Where can I find the Brown Internal Website?

What is BC-Chat? How do I subscribe to it? How do I unsubscribe from it?

BC-Chat is Brown's internal social mailing list. Often used for requests for help or items, sharing of ideas and links, and especially event notifications, it grows and changes throughout the year with the residents. It is both a vital tool and part of the soul of the College. While it is informal, it is not lawless. Here are instructions to help with subscribing, unsubscribing, and managing other list options.

To subscribe, unsubscribe, or edit your options, go to You can log in with netbadge if your (desired) subscribed address is your UVA computing ID email, i.e.,

Otherwise, you will need to create a password if you have not logged in to Sympa before. Click on "First Login?" to create a password, which will be sent to your desired email you will input.

SUBSCRIPTION: To subscribe, you must be logged in. Search for bc-chat02 at the bottom or go directly to Then click subscribe.

UNSUBSCRIPTION: To unsubscribe or change options, you must be logged in. Click on "bc-chat02" in the left hand menu. This will give you links to unsubscribe or change your options.

To send out a BC-Chat, simply email This will send an email to all of the listserv's subscribers.

I want to borrow this movie. Does anyone have it?

Maybe. The most efficient way to find a movie is to search in this order:

1. Log into the Brown internal website and look at the movie library to see if any of your fellow residents have the movie you’re looking for. You can use the movie reservation system to automatically notify the person who has that movie that you’re interested in borrowing it, and they can in turn tell you when to stop by and pick it up!

2. If it’s not on Brown’s website, search the UVA library website for the movie you want. Clemons Library has thousands of DVDs, and you can see online whether or not they’re currently checked out.

3. After trying both of these, you can go to BC-Chat and ask if someone has it, but did not list it on the website. A somewhat unorthodox solution involved finding out if your movie is on netflix streaming, then using someone’s Xbox to play it on the HDTV in Tucker. Don’t forget to use the reservation system!

How do I reserve one of the lounges or Tucker Kitchen? 

Anyone in Brown can use the kitchen or the lounges at any time, but those with reservations have the right to ask others in the reserved area to leave. To make a reservation, go to the Brown College internal website, click on “Resources” and then “Reservations”. You will have to log in using your Netbadge (email) ID. Once you have logged in, click on “Reservation System”, the “Create a New Reservation.” An automated email will be sent to BC-chat to inform other residents of the reservation.

Does Brown have a scanner? A printer?

Due to the open nature of Brown College, we have found it impossible to find the necessary funding for a shared printer. However, we do have a scanner and a computer in the Rogers Reading Room. Instructions are posted on the wall above the computer. 

My friend is coming into town for the weekend. Where are some good places for parking?

Consult this map: Most lots on this map that are green and labeled by a 1 (C1 behind Clark near Kerchoff, R1 behind Physics, etc...) have the following restrictions: Lots are reserved for permits between the hours of 7:30am and 5pm on weekdays. This means that you can park in them after 5pm on weekdays and all day during the weekends for free. However, these lots are also normally closed during special events such as football games or concerts.

If this is the case, there will be a sign in front of the lot blocking the entrance. Also, note that the first parking ticket on a license plate at UVA is a warning ticket and is free. If your friend still screws up after reading this guide, they'll probably still be okay. As an alternative, free street parking is available on Jefferson Park Avenue and some of the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Beware of residential areas that have "reserved parking" signs, as this WILL probably result in you getting a $25 fine. Streetparking on Jefferson Park Avenue is very hard to find during the week (people who work at the hospital and drive to school park there), but is marginally available at night/weekends. To find a valid parking spot, make sure that there is a white line parallel to the sidewalk that marks a spot, and there is not yellow (sometimes very faded) paint on the sidewalk. In addition, watch out for "no parking" signs where the bus stops are. Finally, make sure that your car is not touching, but no more than 1ft away from the sidewalk.

How do I arrange to be roommates with my friend?

When applying to live in Brown for the next year, there should be a space to request a specific roommate, or you can leave a note in the comments box. (Make sure you pay the housing deposit on time!) If you and your desired roommate are assigned other people, you must each check with your respective roommates and ask them if they would be okay with switching room. Everyone should agree on who is living in which room. On move in day, simply move into the room you have decided on. Everyone who is not living in their assigned room should contact Accommodations in Page House: to request a room switch.

These changes can usually be made two weeks after the new semester starts, but not before then. Check housing’s website for their official room change policy and the exact dates when switches can be made:

What do I do in the event of an emergency (medical, fire, etc.)?

If it is a dire emergency, you should not hesitate to call 911. Seeking out an RA, who is trained to deal with emergencies, is recommended after that. RAs are not allowed to drive residents to hospitals due to legal reasons, but they will do everything possible to help you. It’s their job. If it’s a weekend, look for the emails announcing who is on coverage and save their phone numbers. RAs have to walk around for ‘rounds’ and won’t always be in their rooms, so it’s very important you know how to reach them beforehand.

Having problems with anxiety, stress, or anything personal?

There are a few resources at your disposal.

First is UVA’s CAPS, run by professionals entirely through the school: They are completely free to use for all current students. They take appointments, walk-ins, and can offer extremely qualified support to students in need. Something like 45-55% of UVA students have problems with anxiety, so don’t feel alone or unusual seeking help from CAPS. They are very professional and are widely accepted as one of the institutions of the school that really does its job well.

Second is HELP Line, an anonymous, confidential hotline run by student volunteers through the Madison House (295-TALK). Volunteers will offer referrals to services that may be of assistance if you call in with a particular problem. They are trained to listen--if you don’t know where to find a solution to your problem, or just feel like talking, this is an outstanding resource. If you’re interested in getting involved, visit their webpage for more information: