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Christopher Young

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Christopher Young


Hi everyone!!! I’m Chris Young, your friendly neighborhood Captain America Shield backpack wearer. I hail from New York (not the city), and am a third year Commerce Major. Aside from being in Profit with Purpose, and volunteering with the Charlottesville homeless, I was on the Brown Govboard as a portal rep from my first year so if you want to get involved in the community let me know. When I am not volunteering or studying deep into the night, I am an avid video gamer, cinematography fan, chicken nugget connoisseur, rock climber, actor, Lego enthusiast, and the best lover in France (just making sure you were paying attention :P). This year I will be staying in Smith 102 to be the RA for Smith and Long so do not hesitate to drop by if you need anything, want a movie watching buddy, or just need someone to talk to. In the event I am not in my room (or am sleeping) you can always shoot me an email at or give me a call at 845-293-7140. I look forward to meeting everyone and cannot wait to get this semester started!