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John Sauer

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John Sauer

Facilities Management

John Sauer, has been at the University for going on 43 years. He cared for the gardens at Carr's Hill, the President's home, for four of the University's Presidents from Frank Hereford to Teresa Sullivan. He also supervised the Central Grounds and Pavilion Gardens for many years. He has just moved to Sprigg Lane with Mrs. Sullivan as Carr's Hill has been closed for extensive renovations, awaiting President Ryan, and is now involved in renovating the old Weedon gardens there which date from the 1930's and abut the arboretum at Morea. John and his wife, Cathy Clary both have a long association with the gardens and grounds at the University and especially love to continue the legacy of Jefferson's landscape through coming generations. Along with Sue Plaskon and Chris Aukstikalnis, they helped with the labeling of the trees around Monroe Hill, and are always happy to give tours.