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John Brown

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John Brown


Hey, y’all! Welcome to Brown. My name is John Boyd Brown and I’m absolutely ecstatic to meet you (hopefully) come this fall! I currently reside in Tucker 135 and welcome any and all to come chat with me whenever a situation seems dire during these difficult times. About myself, I am a Youth and Social Innovation major through Curry deciding whether to pursue a MPP in Batten or an English double major. I’m also planning on going to law school! As for the personal facts, I’m an absolutely huge Disney and Nintendo fan! I love watching Disney movies (favorites are Princess and the Frog / Mulan / Wreck-It Ralph) and playing Nintendo games of all sorts (my room will be LITTERED with Amiibos, that’s how much of a fan I am). I am also a fan of fighting games such as Street Fighter (Dhalsim main w/ Ken secondary) and Super Smash Bros (Banjo, Game & Watch, and ROB main w/ Ken and Ness secondaries). You can also catch me enjoying language learning (German and HOPEFULLY soon Japanese and Chinese). Best wishes for the year! Stay safe, if you need anything, please knock on Tucker-135 OR text 276-979-7576!