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Brown College Interdisciplinary Seminar

INST 2570, the Brown College Interdisciplinary Seminar, provides Brown College students with a foundational experience rooted in reading and discussion alongside residential peers.  Readings for the course will be selected from Virginia Quarterly Review, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, and other magazines and journals, made available to students free of charge via Collab.  They include essays, photography, film, and criticism.  The assignments are chosen specifically in response to students’ interests.

In addition to readings and discussion, seminar students may receive credit for attending events in the University or Charlottesville communities.  A weekly list of eligible events details academic, arts, music, theater, and community opportunities: concerts, films, plays, museum openings or exhibits, literary readings, and lectures.

Guest speakers and Visiting Resident Fellows are regular features of the seminar.  For details on these programs, see the “Speakers Series” page.

In addition to INST 2570, Brown College recent and upcoming short courses include woodworking, sailing, and design and furniture.