Governance Board

Governance Board

Brown's Governance Board, colloquially known as GovBoard, manages a significant budget to host events and initiatives for residents. For more information, please check the about page under Get Involved.



Howdy! My name is Ryan, I'm a third-year Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law student in the...

Shama Llama Ding Dong


Hey y'all! My name is Pallavi and I'm a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences planning to...


Anna Jett


Hey y’all! My name is Anna, and I’m a third-year double majoring in Environmental Sciences

Sheryl Loden

Community Outreach

Sheryl is from Waco, TX and is an Anti-Quad portal representative. She loves the outdoors, staying...

Camille Owen

Community Outreach

Camille is a fourth year student double majoring in Biochemistry and Cognitive Science and is the...

Rachael Kalen

Fellows Liaison

Hi y’all!! Rachael is a third year majoring in Cognitive Science with a minor in Spanish. In her...

Harley Ryan

Fellows Liaison

Harley is a second year Economics and Classics double major with a minor in Data Science. As a...

Kendal Williams


Hi everybody! My name is Kendal and I'm a third year majoring in biology with a minor in psychology...

Eli Hiscott


Eli loves places, people, and things, especially when the place is Brown College and the people are...

Ella Doddridge


Ella is from Greenville, Indiana and is pursuing a degree in Foreign Affairs and a minor in...

Connor Rose


Hey y'all! I'm Connor, a second year in the College majoring in Economics with a minor in Data...

Lex Williams


Lex (he/they) is a third-year from Wisconsin majoring in English with plans to go into Secondary...

Jason Almas

New Resident Liaison

Emz Phan


Hello! I'm Emz, go by she/they, am a 3rd year, and I'm your panjandrum. I make infrastructural (and...

Reese Robers

Public Relations

Hello! My name is Reese, and I am a second-year at UVA. I love roller-skating, drawing, hiking, and...

Brennen Muller



My name is Brennen Muller (he/him), and I am a rising second-year majoring in Computer...

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