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Governance Board


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Kate Shaffer

Grand Poobah

Kate Shaffer is a Fourth Year at the University of Virginia double-majoring in English Literature (Modern Literature and Culture Concentration) and...
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Irena Kesselring

Shama Llama Ding Dong

Fourth-year Irena Kesselring is the Shama Llama Ding Dong of Brown College. She served in her Govboard debut last year as a Hauntings Co-chair. Since...
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John Grencer


Third-year John Grencer is the Treasurer of Brown College. He previously served as a Public Relations co-chair, working to promote Hauntings and...
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Joni Crawford


Fourth-year Joni Crawford is the Secretary of the Brown College Governance Board. She started out her time on Govboard as one of the Quad Portal...


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Jared Jones

Alumni Relations
Photo of Tilden Winston

Tilden Winston

Alumni Relations
Tilden Winston is a first-year at the University of Virginia and is new to Brown College. He would describe Brown College as one of the best risks he...
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Jordan Chapman

Community Outreach, McGuffey / Harrison
Jordan is a 2nd Year maybe envi-sci, maybe batten kinda chick, she'll keep ya posted. She is one of two co-chairs for Community Outreach, and...

Tina Pham

Fellow Liasons

Connor Young


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Ricardo Vallejo

Ricardo is a Second Year and one of three Media Co-Chairs. Besides being a feline activist full time, he attends the University with aspirations of...
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Staci McKean

Staci is a 2nd year English Major living in Brown college and an obsessive dog mom. This is her first year on Gov Board and her second year living in...

Sarah Chu


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Zada Hall

New Brownie Liason

Ali Goldstein

New Brownie Liason

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Andy McMahon

Second-Year Andy McMahon is one of the Social Co-Chairs of Brown College. Previously, Andy served as Athletics Co-Chair in his first year. His...
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Patrick Joseph McCormick IV

Patrick Joseph McCormick IV is a third year and a Physics major. He really doesn't have much else going on so if you are an alumni please...